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A. About us: Please use this to access the History, Constitution , List of current Council members, and all the details of the Chua Chor Teck Memorial (in honour of Mr Chua Chor Teck, ex Keppel Group Managing Director, and one of the pioneers of the marine industry of Singapore).
B. Events: Use this section to get updated information about Upcoming and Past Events. Events are categorized in three types: Technical, Professional and Social. You can register for upcoming events by logging into your account. For more details, please see section on 'My Account'. Members can view photos and other contents of Past Events by accessing the event through this section
C. Publications: Using this section, members can download documents and literature (like SNAMES Annual Journal, shared ppt from Technical talks etc.). Some files shall be available only for members, while some can be freely downloaded by anyone who registers on the website
D. Contact: Please use the information in this section to contact our Secretariat for any queries. You can use the online form to reach us