SNAMES: Guide For non-members or new sign-ups

For non-members or new sign-ups: You can register on the SNAMES website using the "Register" option highlighted below. Please note that just registration on the website doesn't guarantee a membership with SNAMES, it just gives limited access to website's services like Event registration and free downloads. A person who has only registered on the website can become a member by applying through the website after logging into his account.

Please follow Steps outlined below to Sign-up to the website
a. To create a new account: Click on "Register". You will be directed to a page which looks like this:

b. Provide all details to sign-up. The website will send you a verification email. Check your email, and verify your account. After account verification, you can Log-in as a member. See below panel to login as member:

c. My Account Panel: The panel looks like below