The Technical Talk on Very Large Floating Structures (VLFS) on 9th Sep 2015 delivered by Mr Lim Soon Heng and Mr Anil Thapar was a true revelation for all attendees about the immense future possibilities which VLFS hold for the marine industry and mankind at large.

Mr Lim started the talk with a presentation showcasing the possibilities of VLFS. He advocated for the usage of these structures for both industrial and residential purposes. The presentation demonstrated very interesting projects completed or ongoing around the world exploiting the benefits which VLFS provide vis-s-vis conventional land-based structures. . The benefits of a floating structure are its immunity to rising sea levels, its portability, and its use of the territorial waters around littoral states relieving land pressure on coastal cities. For Singapore it is particularly important as land reclamation is no longer an economical option due the high cost of imported sand and the great water depth. Besides land reclamation has serious ecological impact on the bio-diversity of marine life at where the sand is sourced as well as where it is deposited. While the concept requires further debate and discussion, it sure presents an interesting prologue to something of value for the future.

Mr Lim's talk was followed by Mr Anil Thapar's presentation in which he spoke about the technical requirements and challenges of designing and operating a VLFS, which gave a good insight to the audience regarding the specific parameters to be taken into account while designing a VLFS. The talk was well attended, and was followed by an engaging Q&A session. We hope that the talk was useful to one and all, and look forward to conducting more such engaging talks for the industry in future.

Mr Lim and Professor C M Wang of NUS jointly presented a key note address at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology at the 14th conference for Science and Technology, in Oct 2015 in Vietnam. You can download it from the link below.




PS: Mr Lim will be presenting a paper 'Deployable, reconfigurable, affordable and repurposable naval bases for the future' at INEC 2016 in April, 2016 at Bristol. Some articles by Mr Lim Soon Heng on the topic published by leading dailies are below. Please click on the respective link to read.

Technical Talk on Very Large Floating Structures (VLFS) on 9th Sep 2015