SNAMES Entrepreneurship Talk (14th Nov 2014 by Glenndle Sim)

The inaugural SNAMES Entrepreneurship talk, conducted on 14th of November 2014 at NUS EA-02-11, was a success.

SNAMES was pleased to have Mr Glenndle Sim, Executive Chairman and CEO of Mencast Group delivering the inaugural talk. The event started with a brief session for refreshments and networking. This was followed by Prof Choo Yoo Sang, President of SNAMES presenting the welcome address for Mr Glenndle Sim.

With many feathers added to his cap, there could not have been a better choice for the talk than Mr Glenndle Sim (see flyer for the event). He went on to demonstrate through his talk the key principles of success which Mencast follows to achieve the spectacular success it has witnessed over the years.

He talked about the two types of businesses - one which is cult based and the other which is culture based - and why it is important for a business to transform from cult to culture-based to ensure growth and continuity.

He dished out some immensely useful tips for budding entrepreneurs. He advised them to have a firm grip and focus on their future goals while letting go of the past. He talked about creating a business driven by values, and why it is important to follow the value system to letter and spirit in all decisions and actions of the company. A few key management principles of people management and clarity of communication were also discussed with the audience. The talk was succulently interspersed with humor and Glenndle's anecdotes from Mencast. He talked about his own personal journey of taking over the reins of the Company at an early age and taking it to new heights through strategic acquisitions and promoting a value based work culture.

The talk culminated with a video demonstrating the impressive achievements of Mencast over the years. It was followed by a lively Q & A session in which the audience engaged constructively with Glenndle, and gained insights into his functioning and stewardship of Mencast.

We at SNAMES are pleased with the feedback for the event,and would like to thank Glenndle and the Mencast team for having made this inaugural session come to fruition. We also thank all the attendees of the event for their involvement and support. We look to follow this up with more Entrepreneurship talks in future from distinguished Entrepreneurs of Singapore.

Best wishes for a glittering Christmas and a Happy New Year Team SNAMES

Entrepreneurship Event 14.11.14