The second SNAMES Enterpreneurship Event was conducted on 20th Oct 2015, with a spectrum of audience from the industry.

The guest speaker was Mr Alan Chan, a successful Entrepreneur who saw the company Petroships grow from a small fleet of second hand product tankers to a fleet of purpose built modern tankers ranging from 5,000dwt to 17,000dwt until the company was sold to Brostrom AB of Sweden in 2007.

Mr Alan Chan talked about the interesting concept of blending the Confucian principles of humaneness, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and credibility with modern business strategy and execution. He spoke about his personal experience in successfully blending these principles in growing Petroships, and also stressed on the need for modern business leaders to be aware of these extremely useful guiding principles. The talk was interspersed with his anecdotes and experiences to highlight that these principles can be practically applied to any business. That the talk held the interest of the audience was evident from the lively interaction and questions throughout the talk.

We thank Mr Alan Chan for sharing his valuable experiences through the talk, and hope it was a useful talk for our attendees too.


PS: For further reading on Confucian principles, Mr Alan Chan recommended a book "Analects Renovated" distilled from the Analects comprising Confucius' sayings,collated by his disciples.

2nd Entrepreneurship Event 20.10.15