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The Society was formed in 1981 after the Society of Naval Architects (SONAS) and senior Marine Engineers in Singapore agreed to collaborate to form the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers Singapore (SNAMES).

As a leading maritime Society, SNAMES:

  1.  Facilitates the exchange of ideas and information on the practical and scientific aspects of design, construction, operation, repairs and maintenance of marine machinery, structures, offshore and other vessels and related fields;
  2.  Promotes the improvement of marine machinery, structures and vessels and all that specially appertains to them;
  3.  Encourages school leavers to take up maritime studies leading to interesting, challenging and rewarding shipboard, shipyard and other shore-based jobs.

SNAMES organises a host of activities throughout the year to engage its members:

  1.  Networking sessions to share practical and scientific experiences in the fields of design, construction, operation and repairs and maintenance of all marine machinery, structures, offshore and other vessels;
  2.  Experiments and dialogues aimed at advancing knowledge in science, technology and management of shipbuilding, rig building and conversion, ship repairing, marine engineering, shipping and related fields;
  3.  Panel discussions on scientific advancements, new inventions and materials applicable to marine technology;
  4.  Collation and publications of relevant findings, new findings and state-of-art marine and naval architectural technology;
  5.  Consultancy on matters pertinent to Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, such as career advancements, education and training;
  6.  Industry nites, friendly golf networking, annual dinner, conferences and technical seminars, etc.