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2022-10-27Jewel of Muscat: Discovery, Documentation, Design, SailingResearch Associate, Western Australian Museum; Adjunct Professor, University of Western Australia

Naval Architect
Prof. Tom Vosmer

Dr. Kim Peter Klaka
2022-08-25Driving the Adoption of Additive Manufacturing in Maritime - a Certification PerspectivePrincipal Engineer, ABSDr. Wu Wenjin
2021-11-11Regulating The Safe Navigation of Energy Efficient Ships In Adverse Conditions2021-11-11 WebinarLecturer, Nanyang Technological UniversityDr. Liu Shukui
2021-06-22Accelerating Digitalisation in the Marine Industry2021-06-22 WebinarJeevarathinam Ravikumar
2021-04-22Finite Element Simulation and Verification According to Standards for Ship and Offshore Structures2021-04-22 WebinarSDC VerifierMrOleg Ishchuk
2021-03-11LNG Bunkering Vessel2021-03-11 WebinarIMarESTMr Bill Watts
2021-02-23The Role of Molten Salt Reactors for Marine Decarbonization2021-02-23 WebinarCore PowerMr. Giulio Gennaro
2021-01-28Ammonia: The Green Fuel - An Assessment of Practical Aspects2021-01-28 WebinarLloyd’s RegisterMr. Sobhith.K.H.
2020-12-15Hydrogen as a Source of Power for Marine Applications – Regulatory Aspects2020-12-15 Hydrogen as a Source of Power for Marine Applications – Regulatory AspectsRINAAlessandro Maccari
2020-08-18Prediction and analysis of ship performance and fuel efficiency with a proper
selection of fouling control coatings
2020-08-18 Dr Chen TalkTechnology Leader, AkzoNobelDr Chen Haoliang
2020-06-18The new HR Norm, virtual interviews to hiring2020-06-18 Webinar SlidesDirector, Talent
Merge Pte Ltd
Clarence Khoh
2020-05-28An Overview of Fixed Fire-Fighting Systems on board Cargo Vessels2020-05-28 Survitec Fire Fighting SystemsSurvitec Safety SolutionsMr. Tan Choon Seng
Training Manager
2020-05-19Digitalisation and Innovation in the Maritime Industry2020-05-19 SNAMES-Inmarsat SlidesDigital, InmarsatMr. Toh Keng Hoe
Business Development Director
2020-04-30Preliminary Design of a Tanker Ship in the Context of Collision-Induced Environmental-Risk-Based Ship Design2020-04-30 WebinarAssociate Professor, Singapore Institute of TechnologyDr Dimitrios Konovessis