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Technical Night on 21 May 2019 – Sterling Brush Plating in the Marine Industry

Technical Night on 21 May 2019 – Sterling Brush Plating in the Marine Industry

Jointly Organised by
Sterling Impreglon Asia Pte Ltd
Joint Branch of RINA and IMarEST (Singapore)
The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Singapore (SNAMES)
Singapore Maritime Academy, Singapore Polytechnic (SMA, SP)

Sterling Brush Plating In the Marine Industry

Date : 21st May 2019, Thursday

Time :
6:00 p.m. Registration Starts
6:30 p.m. Refreshment Hosted by Sterling Imprelon Asia Pte Ltd
7:00 p.m. Technical Talk Begins
8:30 p.m. Program End
Venue: Auditorium, Singapore Polytechnic. 500 Dover Rd, 139651 (Next to SP
Convention Centre near Dover MRT)
About Sterling Impreglon Asia Pte Ltd

Impreglon Asia Pte Ltd, started by importing brush plating equipment and the chemicals for sale to perform such repairs since 1977. The company, known back then as Vanguard Pacific Far East Pte. Ltd., the owner realized that “one-off repairs services” using brush plating equipment for ship’s propulsion equipment were in greater demand than the demand for purchase of such equipment. Hence, the birth of Sterling Impreglon Asia Pte Ltd in 1988 to reflect the offering of repair services using brush plating technology. The brush plating services were offered to ship’s engines, generators, motors, winches, intermediate propeller shafts, rudder hydraulics just to name a few. Even port services like the “container stackers” used brush plating to return their extra long (25 feet) hydraulic shafts back into service. Sterling’s services expanded beyond our shores to countries worldwide encompassing industries other than the marine sector. Other industries that brush plating are used extensively are oil production, printing, paper or pulp industries, mining, power generation, high-end electronics, and ordnance. There is a wealth of experience since 1977 to the current day where Sterling brush plating has evolved from its infancy to being acknowledged worldwide by its peers.

The talk will cover the technology solution of surface repairs using metal plating techniques. A life demonstration will be conducted during the talk.

About the Speaker

Chen He Tian, Jimmy – Manager, Technical Services, Sterling Impreglon Asia Pte Ltd

Finished college in business economics in 1982 and joined Vanguard Pacific (Far East) Pte. Ltd., a company engaged in selling American brush plating products.

From 1983 to 1984, Jimmy Chen started co-research development with Singapore Ordnance utilizing brush plating in the Weapons Industry. Successfully accomplished using brush plating Nickel Alloy to replace high investment cost hard chromium immersion electroplating for weapons production. From 1984 he commenced forays into the Printing, Marine and the Oil Pipes Threading Industries developing procedures and standards for the Asia Pacific Region.

From 1986 to 1989, he assisted in the incorporation of South East Asia largest automated immersion copper and tin electroplating line for the Oil and Gas industries in Batam, Indonesia.

1989 Jimmy Chen was appointed as Technical Director in Sterling Impreglon Asia Pte Ltd, a company entrenched in the sales of brush plating equipment and brush plating services.

In 1992, he commenced developing Sterling brush plating products and consumables for the world market. At the same time, obtaining qualifications from all oil pipe manufacturers. Currently still furthering brush plating research and development.

In 2000, he helped Sterling Impreglon to penetrate into the United States market transferring Sterling brush plating technology for oil pipe Premium connections to a Houston pipe threading company.

From 2005 till now, he is still conducting brush plating process training to customers in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Eastern and Western Europe, United Kingdom, Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, and Singapore.


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